• Innovation Breakthrough! Wuhan UHV's UHV-8003 Handheld Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detector for the power system security escort

    The rolling tide of the market economy surging, carrying enterprises to meet the baptism of the competitive wind and rain. Wuhan UHV face of the ever-changing market to respond calmly, based on a new business philosophy and market concepts, give full play to the advantages of scientific research, and constantly accelerate the pace of product innovation, and ultimately succeeded in the online UHV-8003 Handheld Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detector.


    UHV-8003 Local Discharge Inspection Instrument can be widely used in the local discharge detection of power systems, including high-voltage switchgear, ring network cabinet, voltage/current transformers, transformers (including dry-type transformers), GIS, overhead lines, cables, and other equipment insulation state detection, the new product features are as follows:

    (1) Configure different sensors to realize partial discharge detection of almost all high-voltage electrical equipment;

    (2) Provide time-domain waveform, PRPD, PRPS and other kinds of discharge maps to realize the analysis of different discharge types;

    (3) Humanized man-machine interface facilitates data management of different devices;

    (4) Built-in ultrasonic sensors and transient earth voltage (TEV) sensors, and can be externally connected to special sensors for transformers, GIS, overhead lines, cables, and so on;

    (5) Non-intrusive detection mode, no need for power outage during testing, no need to configure additional high-voltage source, more convenient to use than the traditional pulse partial discharge detector;

    (6) The test bandwidth ranges from 30kHz ~ 2.0GHz, applicable to a variety of frequency bands of the detection principle;

    After the successful launch of this product, it has achieved excellent market feedback, harvested a large number of positive comments, and established a better industry reputation for Wuhan Extra High Voltage.

    The successful development of a new product is often accompanied by numerous failures. It is a complex and challenging industrialization process to put scientific research results from the laboratory into production, and finally become commodities and successfully marketed and sold. In this process, it requires companies not only to have a visionary mind, but also to have the spirit of fearlessness and never-ending steps.

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